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Strategic Commercial Support in Life Science Projects

Market Assessment

The commercial journey for your project/product starts with and early market assessment to understand the unmet needs and opportunities for future product differentation.

  • Market analysis
  • Define product opportunity
  • Understand market potential
Market Assessment

Market Analysis

The initial step in the market assessment is to understand the current market, limitations with current products available and the future competitive landscape. Based on this knowledge  the future market needs, needs to be defines.

Define product opportunity – TPP

Defining the Target Product Profile (TPP) is key step in the product development to work as a common project/product vision for the company team.

The TPP is the brand vision at launch

  • The TPP is a living document which need to be updated when new data and competitive information are available.
The TPP will drive

  • Clinical development plan
  • Commercial potential – forecasting
  • Regulatory strategy – product label

Sales Forecasting – Product X

The value of the project/product is or maybe the most common question from potential investors and partners. This can not be estimated without a TPP and good market understanding.

What is needed to understand the value?

  • TPP for product X defined
  • Competitive situation
  • Future market scenarios

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